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Welcome to T4cafe

At T4Cafe we are actively involved in the development of delicious recipes to cater the growing demand of elixir Tea and healthy food. We’ve grown into a top-notch food franchise brand by continuously offering quality services, in addition our expert team focus on advanced techniques and measures to ensure long-term success.

T4Cafe Food Franchise Business

Tea is the elixir of life & it will calm you.

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Why Become a T4cafe Franchisee

  1. Huge range of Street food under one roof.
  2. Proven and tested delicious taste to increase the foot falls.
  3. Initial training for the franchisee.
  4. Easy to make all the dishes and almost no wastages.
  5. A time tested unique business model.
  6. The excellent 50-60% Profit margin on sales.
  7. Set up cost is very economical.
  8. Continuous introduction of new products.
Why become a quality taste

dream to atchive

If you are passionate about food and love to delicious taste and quality serve foods, and we are always ready to help and guide you to atchiving your dreams.

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